Office Solutions

Our company always strives to provide small, medium and professional office solutions services with accreditation.

Inegrated Network Solutions

Arados Technology is distinguished by providing unique and unconventional technologies in the field of networking, servers and computer hardware.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Work has been done to secure protection for government facilities, private institutions and homes by supporting specialized teams in this field.

Technical Support Solutions

The support service is one of the most basic services that we are distinguished for providing, as we provide it to all our customers in any of the fields.

Solutions for Securing & equipping servers, computers and their accessories

Securing desktop computers, servers, computer supplies, wired and wireless communication equipment and smart devices

Bill Payment Services

Our References

Our company has implemented many important projects at the local level, The most prominent of which were government projects related to the telecommunications sector, networks and security systems.  With its competence and experience, it was able to win the trust of all institutions dealing with it and build a real working partnership that extended for long periods. 

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